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Coral Reef Establishment

This artificial reef development initiative will help create coral reefs in needed areas of the state increasing fish biomass and coral generation; offer recreation areas for diving, fishing, and boating; and provide families and loved ones with a resting place as an alternative to directly placing cremains into the ocean that will naturally last forever.


This initiative will be primarily funded through a venture that will offer an alternative to traditional burial. This project will enable families and their loved ones to include cremains in a reef structure that will benefit the environment and create research opportunities for future generations of scientists.  For more information visit hawaiimemorialreefs.com

There is supporting scientific evidence of the benefits of using concrete reef structures for establishing habitat for fish and other organisms, potential reduction of human use of natural reefs and improvements to the local economy.  Stay tuned for links to scientific articles.

Benefits to the community include,     enhancing the marine environment for fishing, diving, and boating.  The reef will also provide the opportunity for the biomass to increase and sustain marine species.